Zoe Saldana Clariifies About Her Sexuality

To some, sexuality is a very concrete thing where people only fit into two categories: gay or straight. But most of us in the LGBT community know better than that, or at least are more willing to see that sexual identity is not the same as our sexual orientation. And Star Trek Star Zoe Saldana was doing the exact same thing in her latest interview. The actress has been receiving some unnecessary heat for some comments she made about how it is not just the anatomy of a person that ignites sexual desire. Here’s more:

Zoe Saldana has an issue with labels — of any kind.

During a recent interview with BET, the actress discussed her role in the recently released “Star Trek: Into Darkness” film, being a black and Latina actress and the comments she made in Allure Magazine regarding her androgyny and the possibility of her raising children with a woman.

BET’s Smriti Mundhra informed Saldana that the comments made in Allure were being interpreted as her having come out as lesbian or bisexual.

Saldana responded by saying that she encourages every human being to try not to categorize or stereotype anything.

“It’s the saddest situation… It is almost impossible for us to get through one conversation with somebody at a cashier without having to go, ‘Oh is she Mexican? Oh is she gay? Or what kind of car does she drive? Or is she illegal or something?” she said.

“There are so much more things that are important besides stereotyping ourselves and limiting ourselves just by putting ourselves in little boxes.”

Is this about not liking labels or is there more behind this? I definitely say its the former as I abhor the labels we use to categorize. Some may call what Saldana said as backpedaling but I disagree. She sees sexual identity in much of the same way I do. So we should keep that in mind when we have discussions about sex. It’s not always black and white. It may be that way for you but respect that its shades of grey for many more people than you think.


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  1. First of all who cares what she does behind closed doors? We make such a big deal about who or whom people are sleeping with. Would it surprise females that many males “FAKE” Orgasm with them? Would it surprise females that many men do not call them back because the woman was not that exciting in bed? The bottom line is, if the person is a good actor, then enjoy their skills and talents. I think it is time for HETEROSEXUALS to start coming out of the closet. We should all be proud and comfortable within ourselves with our sexuality. When we have to shout what we like to the roof tops, is that acceptance, or a need to feel secure within ourselves? So many celebs are coming out that at some point it actually gets boring zzzzzzzzzz, snore. As long as your sexual choices do not impact me, my family or my finances, I am toooo busy living and enjoying my life to get caught up in what others do in between the sheets. What is next, are we going to have celebs etc start coming out that they really love Dunkin Doughnuts as opposed to Krispy Kreme? . Will that be the next big thing? In short, and to end my rant, a person’s sexuality should not be an indicator of them being a decent human being. To clarify, sexuality that is between two or more CONSENTING ADULTS. So let’s put the homophobia, lesbian phobias and Heterosexual phobias away. At this point coming out of the closet is as much a snooze fest as a man constantly telling about his heterosexual conquests. After a point it gets to be redundant and irritating. Those are my thoughts on the whole “who is who, who sleeps with who, and why the hell do I need to know what you do in your bedroom nonsense. If a person is happy with their preferences they do not need to SHOVE them down others’ throats (no pun intended). I think we have enough to worry about, like GUN CONTROL. We need people to “COME OUT” about that, so that just maybe a few more lives will not be ended because of a bullet. Lives that would include, gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. Just my thoughts. Peace.

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