WTF: There’s An App That Can “Cure” The Gay Away?

The religious right still persists in finding more inventive ways to end the (not so) horribly sinful gay right out of us through more ritual prayer and manipulation. Now they’re using more mainstream technology in a form of an app for both Google and iPhone for the repentant homosexual on the go. Here’s more:


A new app claims to offer a 60-day “gay cure” that will teach users how to finally find “freedom from the bondage of homosexuality.”

The app is from Setting Captives Free, a non-denominational ministry that purports to teach the biblical principles of freedom in Jesus Christ. The free app, which has been available on Google Play since the end of March, features ways to combat substance abuse and gambling, and also teaches users how to attain “sexual purity” with a lesson called “Door of Hope.”

In the “Door of Hope” section, Setting Captives Free president Mike Cleveland explains:

First, let me just say that despite what you may have heard elsewhere, you do not have a “homosexual gene,” nor were you born this way with no hope of freedom. You can be set free from the bondage of homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ and the cross! If you will apply the biblical principles found here, you can walk through the Door of Hope into a new life with Christ, free from sexual impurity and self-gratification.“Friend, make no mistake about it, God calls homosexuality wicked and evil not an ‘alternative lifestyle,'” the Day 5 lesson says. “If you’re not there yet in your understanding of homosexuality, you must pray for the day when you see this sin the way God sees it. I would also encourage you to begin using these biblical terms as well, as opposed to ‘alternative lifestyle.'”

Now it’s reported that Apple, the maker of iPhone and iPad have taken down the app from their stores as soon as the petitions to have the harmful guilt-ridden app down. But my question is why have the app available in the first place? This is eyebrow raising to say the least, especially from a company that receives a large revenue from LGBT members. And this is.n’t the first misunderstanding the company has had in recent months when it comes to apps that are either offensive to the LGBT community or removal of apps that may appeal to LGBT members was removed.

I don’t think that the company has turned on us or anything like that but they do need to be more aware of these mishaps that are occurring in their company so it doesn’t tarnish the almost impeccable relationship they’ve built with this community in the past.


One thought on “WTF: There’s An App That Can “Cure” The Gay Away?

  1. Well, there’s also an app for curing heterosexuality…
    the most worst sort of sickness and suffering of human kind…………


    Hundreds of millions of sufferers of the sickness off heterosexuality have been brought to an end, saving them from all kinds of more suffering…… and all in the name of religion and ruling clerics……. People were not even considered worthy of being dignified with graves, they were put in mass-graves, robbed of all dignity, honor and humanity……..

    Sufferers of heterosexuality …. the sickest, the most worse and the most serious danger to humanity!


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