WOOF! When Did Ricky Martin Become So Damn HOT?!


So earlier today I was reading and decided to do a write up in something relating to LGBT in entertainment and came across Ricky Martin and his comments about Puerto Rico and their unwillingness to advance same sex marriage (more on that in a bit) but what really stumped me was how incredibly hot Ricky Martin has become. Granted, the man has always been attractive with those doe eyes and chiseled jaw. And when his first wave came about at the turn of the century La Vida Loca was being played constantly on radio. Incessantly on TV. And even annoyingly at prom.

But as time has gone on, we learned of the personal battles that surrounded the latin pop star because of his sexuality. And through that we saw him come to terms with it and finally believe in himself enough to come out which was remarkable to see him so happy with his family. He has also become an activist with recently discussing the issues surrounding same sex marriage in Puerto Rico. Here’s more:

Ricky-Martin-ricky-martin-43962_600_1114Ricky Martin has something to say when it comes to gay rights in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rican singer and TV personality is calling on the Government of Puerto Rico to do justice, and extend rights for the LGBT community, by approving new sets of projects in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The same rights for each and every citizen of Puerto Rico, that’s what we are asking for, and that’s what we hope to achieve, the country of justice and peace we want. Puerto Rico has to join all the countries of the world that are at the forefront in human rights and equality,” said Martin in a press release published in his website.

The star is specifically asking the island’s government to support the projects of the Senate 238, and House of Representatives 488 and 437. The initiatives seek to promote equality and prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in any governmental, public or private workplace.

They would also amend the 54 Law of domestic violence in order to include provisions that apply to same-sex couples, and eliminate any provision of gender as a barrier to adoption.

But also the man has evolved from being very pretty to smokin HOT. And I seriously did not notice that this had happened until today. Maybe it’s because over the years news outlets used photos from his earlier career but when I stumbled on the more recent ones, my mouth watered and mind went to darker, sexy places. Where have I been to miss all this.



Gone are the 90s extremely tight leather pants to be replaced with smooth and subtle wear to accentuate all the right spots. The squeaky clean chiseled face is now lush with trimmed and maintained fur. The man is just…damn,



He’s added some bulk but not too much with decorative tribal tattoos that can make the average hipster look like a tool but not this man. He makes them look like they have meaning. He has this look of satisfaction that’s confidence not cockiness (even if it was cockiness, we’d let him get away with it because look at those doe eyes)



Is he asking us for a ride? Because I mean if he is then…

ricky-martin6534n (1)I don’t know how much more I can handle of this you guys. How much hotter can he possibly get?/

Ricky+Martin+PNG+Version1WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN GUYS?!?!?!


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  1. So damn hot!! What have you been for the last 20+ years, he just gets hot hot & hot day by day WOW!!

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