Look At That, Another UFC Fighter Suspended After Homophobic Slurs

Again we see another example of how far we need to go in order to stop homophobia and discrimination. In what some could call a rising trend another hothead from the wrestling/boxing world has said something homophobic and is rightly being reprimanded. Here’s more:

The mixed martial arts fighting leaguesuspended Nate Diaz after he called another fighter “the biggest fag in the world” on Twitter Thursday, according to MMAFighting.com.

The 28-year-old Diaz, a 155-pounder with a 16-9 record, posted the message after fellow fighter Pat Healy lost his bonus money from a recent victory because he tested positive for marijuana. The money was given to Bryan Caraway, whom Diaz later targeted on Twitter.

“We are very disappointed by Nate Diaz’s comments, which are in no way reflective of our organization,” the UFC wrote in a widely circulated statement. “Nate is currently suspended pending internal investigation and we will provide further comment once the matter has been decided.”

USA Today noted that this year the UFC formally established rules prohibiting discriminatory comments.

Last month, UFC suspended heavyweight Matt Mitrione for calling transgender fighter Fallon Fox a “disgusting freak.” Several publications have pointed out, however, that Mitrione was signed for a fight less than three weeks later.

Diaz’s tweet, which appears to have been deleted, read, “I feel bad for pat Healy they took a innocent mans money and I think the guy who took the money is the biggest fag in the world.”

So Diaz is upset that another opponent was able to take the winnings of that fight because he felt like it was some cop out  Maybe the better thing would be to, I don’t know, address the person that smoked pot knowing that he had a match coming up and that they regularly test to make sure their fighters are clean?

I mean that is logic so maybe that would suggest maybe you should be upset with the guy that couldn’t follow the rules instead of the guy that was able to follow UFC guidelines? Yeah, maybe logic is not his best strong suit  I will say that it is a good sign that the UFC is doing more to have anti-gay slurs immediately addressed. But is it for show and do they just get a slap on the wrist and told to lay low until the controversy muffles a bit? Mitrione still had a fight just weeks later so how are we to know that this isn’t just a big PR stunt?

I know it seems like I’m being over the top but if we keep seeing these guys display so much homophobic and misogynistic behaviors while their players continually do it then why should we the consumers by into this mode of entertainment? I’m not asking about this in just the UFC but all sports. Make it clear to the consumers that homophobia is not something your business, sports team, clothing store, whatever does not tolerate this behavior and that they cannot participate until they show they understand why saying things like this are so hurtful ad problematic.


What do you think?

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