Scott (Crazy As A F**king Loon) Lively: Satan Founded The Boy Scouts For Man On Boy Sex

Scott Lively in Uganda

“Many pundits are weighing in on the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow open homosexuality into the organization.  I, for one, am not surprised. It is not generally known, but the youth hiking and camping movement we know today in America as the Boy Scouts, has its roots in pederasty.  Pederasty, also known as Man/Boy Sex, is the overlapping common core of the now open male homosexual and still hidden male pedophile communities.  It involves primarily sexual relationships between adult men of any age and boys roughly from age 7 to 17.  It is the most common form of homosexual relationship in history and the means by which a great many young men are recruited into a life-long homosexual identity.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that pederasts naturally gravitate to all-male societies. Consider the Roman Catholic priesthood.  Look at their list of victims and you will see that the priesthood scandal was not about pedophilia, but pederasty, a form of homosexuality.  The Boy Scouts of America is no different, except now the organization itself will do most of the work of recruiting the victims, and is also likely to try to cover up all evidence of the problem so as not to admit their policy change was to blame.”Scott Lively

This comes from the piece of shit  man and “Christian” who went to Uganda and started the “Kill the Gays” movement  there and who hired a KNOWN child molester to work with kids and live above his cult recruitment – I mean “coffee shop” in Massachusetts.

3 thoughts on “Scott (Crazy As A F**king Loon) Lively: Satan Founded The Boy Scouts For Man On Boy Sex

  1. These guys are disgusting and they are never called out by the media. Thanks for reporting on this!

  2. It doesn’t come as a surprise to ME that specifically this man is saying what he says… as being the man that has abused guys in Africa, mentally and physically, and as the man who is responsible for the death and maiming of outed homosexual people in Africa!

    As a self-proclaimed christian (I have not see any other christian (or human being for that matter) state that this man is a christian or part of their congregation) this man is creating a world of and for his own, luring people into his claws of suffering, pain and hate, and pushing sane people to the brink of self-destruction and committing suicide!

    People like him should be stopped, and hopefully the cannibals in Africa will have a good cooking pot ready for him!

    Just an opinion……

  3. Thanks much for this! It is disturbing and so very disheartening that such as Scott Lively are not showcased by the (so-called) mainstream media for the human detritus they are.

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