Robbie Rogers Signed As Openly Gay Player For The LA Galaxy Soccer Team

Mexico v United StatesWe don’t hear of any stories like this, where a player that has retired and comes out of the closet only to be welcomed back to the sport they’ve dedicated their lives to pursue. But it is happening for professional soccer player Robbie Rogers. Here’s more:

CARSON, Calif. — Robbie Rogers thought he had stepped away from his career as a professional soccer player in England the moment he pressed the button publishing a blog post announcing that he was gay. At the time, in February, he said, he could not imagine that he could be himself on and off the field.

But a month later, after Rogers spoke to a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teenagers in Portland, Ore., he had begun to realize that playing soccer not only fulfilled him but also offered him an opportunity to do something more.

“That Nike camp made me feel a little soft,” Rogers, 26, said Saturday, after he signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer. “It taught me I needed to man up a little bit. It’s easy to play a sport that you love and be a role model for people. It’s a perfect situation for me.”

Hopefully this story will show those who feel that they have to sacrifice their career in order to be out and proud that this ideal is no longer true. The more we see of people like Rogers and Jason Collins, the more it shows that we as a community do not have to fit into the

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  1. In regard to the position of Honorary Marshall of the SFPride (the one that had such bad news when they invited and then de-invited a man to be filling that position, perhaps it may be a thought to invite Robbie to that position!

    It would do credit to the organizers as well as great credit to Robbie as the Team!

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