PopRock Twin Duo Tegan & Sara Won’t Get Married Until Everyone Else Can Too

One of the most talked about openly gay music groups Tegan and Sara have become more mainstream over the past several years, not only because they are two openly gay twin sisters, but also because their music translates to a broader audience. Music that comes from the heart with such passion always seems to have that effect, regardless of sexual orientation. And the poprock duo are taking their message of unity and togetherness a bit further by pledging to not get married with their significant others until everyone has earned the right to do the same. Here’s ,more:

The twins, both out lesbians, recently participated in photographer Adam Bouska’spopular NOH8 campaign in support of same-sex marriage.

Tegan said that she was excited to be apart of the project.

“Sara and I are huge fans of Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley and what they have created with their incredibly moving, powerful and wide reaching NOH8 Campaign,” Tegan told the NOH8 campaign. “We are thrilled to have been asked to be apart of it.”

The “Closer” singer then added, “Although we are Canadian, we have both vowed to remain unmarried in solidarity with the millions who don’t have the same rights as us around the world. We hope that our voices (and in this case our photos) help raise awareness and assist in bringing equality to the masses.”

It’s an honorable thing for them to be willing to give up sharing a unifying moment with their loved one in order to make a statement they so passionately believe in. Let’s hope they don’t have to wait long.

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