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Jesus wouldn’t approve of this and neither would REAL Christians.

NOM, FRC, AFA, and the Liberty Counsel’s silence prove that they actively encourage this type of violence against us  it.

They are silent because they are happy.  Because of their hateful words, lies and propaganda called for it.

They relish our misery and rejoice behind closed doors at our pain.

They are evil.  Plain and simple.

“If Jesus were alive today, the last thing he’d be is a “Christian” ~ Mark Twain.

NYC Hate Crimes Poster Full



  1. It is indeed stunning that the groups claiming to to be so compassionate towards other people are so silent when it concerns gay-hatred, gay-killings and gay-bashing….. or…. is it really stunning?
    Didn’t these same groups promote the hate and hatred against gay people? And are the ones committing the crimes against the gay people not just doing what these groups suggest to do?

    The guilty parties are probably not the ones committing the rimes (they are too stupid to probably even know and realize what they are doing), but the now silent ones… the leaders of these groups who entice and trigger the hate!

  2. Tom Janus says:

    Oh guys, just give it a day, the Matt Barbers and Bryan Fischers will spew out some junk with the “blame the gays” spin on it. because Jebus told them to!

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