One Million Moms Are Really Angry At Disney


In why are we even paying them any attention news, the uber conservative “family values” organization One Million Moms (more like the thousands) are very heated because the all inclusive, everyone is welcome Disney theme park has begun a new incentive that welcomes LGBT from around the country to have some fun. And we know how much One Million Moms are against anything that sounds fun. Here’s more:

Walt Disney World’s unofficial “Gay Days” tradition is coming under fire from a conservative and notoriously anti-gay group.

One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association best known for threatening to boycott JC Penney after the retail chain hired Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson, now sets its sights on the Orlando-based resort.

“The first Saturday in June, homosexuals, bisexuals and transvestites will be at the Magic Kingdom with an agenda and purpose different than what would be expected at Disney,” members of the group write on their website. “Homosexuals will be celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Gay Day wearing matching Gay Day merchandise, such as T-shirts. There will also be transvestites dressed in drag showing their support for the event.”

Urging visitors to send an email to Disney’s CEO and other officials, the post continues, “Disney has been irresponsible for far too long. Disney representatives and security need to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere and require proper conduct and dress code on a daily basis.”

What do they think that Gay Day is at Disney, a brothel? And aren’t they a little late to be angry at this anyway since this has been going on for over two decades? They don’t call this one of the best places on earth because they restrict certain people from enjoying the theme park. And with the history of this country, don’t you think it’s time for us to move beyond that now ladies? Well, maybe, just maybe, One Million Mons will actually live up to their names and do what any real mother would do; love and support us, unconditionally.

1 thought on “One Million Moms Are Really Angry At Disney

  1. Besides, we have families too…and we spend a lot of money on Gay Days. Why would Disney fail to be ‘family-friendly’ to us? Why would they turn away thousands and thousands of paying customers on Gay Days because a handful of wingnuts think they should?

    OMM can whine and stomp their feet but in the end…it won’t make a lick of difference.

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