MI Senate Dems Announce State Gay Rights Bills

Just MarriedAccording to a Breaking News blog by Equality Michigan, Michigan Senators proposed marriage equality legislation yesterday, May 29. Michigan Equality blogger Emily Dievendorf announced this immediately.

There are three bills to achieve marriage equality in Michigan and one resolution asking that DOMA be repealed. One bill puts the repeal of Michigan’s anti-LGBT constitutional amendment on the ballot, another bill changes Michigan law’s definition of marriage, and the last bill recognizes out of state same-sex marriages.



  • SJR W – Warren (constitutional repeal of the ban)
  • SR 64 – Johnson (DOMA repeal resolution)
  • Senate Bill 405 – Whitmer (statutory repeal of the ban)
  • Senate Bill 406 – Smith (recognizing out of state marriages in MI)

Currently, there is a Constitutional ban against same-sex marriage in Michigan. If bill SJR W & Senate Bill 405 pass, not only will the Constitutional ban be repealed, it will redefine that State’s definition of marriage allowing same-sex couples to become legally married.

SR 64 works to repeal the Defense of Marriage Amendment while Senate Bill 405 will allow Michigan to recognize same-sex marriages from other States.

Michigan State Senators Warren, Johnson, Whitmer and Smith understand that 56% of Michigan voters want to end the discriminatory laws against LGBT Michigan citizens. Michigan State Senators have finally joined the cause that thousands of LGBT citizens have been preparing decades for.

56% of voters, earlier this year, have stated they support same-sex marriage. This is an increase of over 10% from last year with most of the growth coming from Republicans and Independents.

As Emily Dievendorf from Equality Michigan says on her blog:

“Now is the time for all sides to come together and discuss how Michigan can harness the economic and social gains other states are benefiting from as they end their government’s harmful policies towards LGBT families”

If any readers of this story would like to contribute to this cause, whether you live in Michigan or not, go to Michigan Equality and sign up to volunteer or donate money. Let’s make gay rights a reality in Michigan.

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