CA Hate Group Uses Lies and Propaganda and Lies To Tarnish Harvey Milk Day

Save California Harvey Milk Hate

This Wednesday May 22nd, is Harvey Milk Day in California; a day which is intended to honor and celebrate the most important gay rights activist in history. So of course one anti-gay organization,, is once again trying to tarnish the memory of Harvey Milk and tarnish the day using propaganda lie filled radio ads airing in Sacramento and Los Angeles to urge parents to keep their kids home from school that day as not to learn about Harvey’s civil rights achievements for the LGBT community.

Randy Thomasson, the president of the group and an anti-gay activists who’s so extreme that most on his own side are embarrassed to be seen with him explains his reasoning behind the illogical boycott:

 “This is harmful to children…This is not academic, it’s brainwashing. Children belong to the parents, not to the state, and to force a sexual agenda and a political agenda upon children, that’s highly inappropriate.”

Let me tell you what is highly inappropriate it’s the all of the information as well as a video posted on the group’s website (whose link I will not post as to not push traffic their way but you can GOOGLE Save California if you wish) which is full of nothing but hateful lies and anti-gay propaganda. The alarmist image above is from the group’s website.

Watch the CBS13 news segment about the groups ( which they describe as a “conservative group”) hateful and intollerant anti-gay campaign against Harvey.


1 thought on “CA Hate Group Uses Lies and Propaganda and Lies To Tarnish Harvey Milk Day

  1. Modesto ca is using groups of haters in conjunction with technology that monitors speech allows for haters to verbally trash an INDIVIDUAL with lies and confidence attacks. Careful how you try to fight back. The system and those who assist know how to make sure you are are caught in a mental health web or nickel & dimmed with tickets or lack of privacy. It’s covert enough to attack me for ten years across three states. I was tagged and they will probably get away with murder. To poor to take these haters on. They woke me during what ever had to be done to make me a target. My doctors face when I told him I heard their harassing regiment in my ear, coupled with the group if joy takers messing with me in public. Fucking mess I lost everything love, smiles laughter, they say it will never stop. I’ve chased them but a cop is always observing in the distance, that was really deflating.

    To late for me but other beware. Don’t be bullshitted you know what’s up.

    Modesto I’m shocked, it won’t always just be fagets better get a Handle on them.

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