Gay Marriage Passes In Minnesota House, Senate Floor Next Stop


A bi-partisan vote of 75-59 vote in the Minnesota House has positioned that state to become the 12th in the country to allow would allow same-sex weddings beginning Aug. 1.

Hundreds of people on both sides of the issue rallied Thursday at the Minnesota Capitol, which was under tighter than usual security. Pro-marriage demonstrators filled the hallways outside the House chambers, some dressed in orange T-Shirts and holding signs that read, “I Support The Freedom to Marry.” Behind them, opponents held up bright pink signs that simply read, “Vote No.”

The Minnesota push for gay marriage grew out of last fall’s successful campaign to defeat a constitutional amendment that would have banned it by the religious right and extremist GOP members which now seems to have backfired on them.

That same election put Democrats in full control of state government for the first time in more than two decades, a perfect scenario for gay marriage supporters to push for legalization.

The state Senate is expected to consider the bill Monday, and leaders expect it to pass easily there. Gov. Mark Dayton has made clear that he will sign the  the bill it into law.


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