What The F*#k Chuck? – Democrats Ready To Throw LGBT’s Under the Bus Over Immigration Reform

LGBT Immigration Reform

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is feeling the heat from the LGBT community and NY LGBT politics for his cold feet and lack of spine over the voting for a provision sought by same-sex couples and progressives to be included in the immigration reform bill.

 The Uniting American Families Act, would allow American citizens to apply for green cards on behalf of their foreign spouses.  Under current law, citizens can get a green card for a foreign spouse in a traditional marriage with relative ease, but cannot apply for a green card for a gay spouse or partner.

But among the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” currently considering comprehensive immigration reform California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer have indicated that they will not vote for two amendments proposed by committee by Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy that would allow married LGBT Americans to sponsor their foreign-born same-sex spouse for citizenship and are  caving into the Republican threats of killing immigration reform entirely if LGBT families are included

On Monday Schumer called a meeting with prominent New York gay elected officials and activists about his fear that the inclusion of the UFWA act  would  because Republicans involved in the reform talks have said would be a deal killer for the entire immigration  reform bill.

“Sen. Schumer called the meeting because he is in trouble with a key constituency,” said Rachel Tiven of the group Immigration Equality.

One source who attended the meeting said some attendees told Schumer that once when people are left out of legislation, it becomes hard to catch up later, something that which the gay community has witnessed before in other iterations.  Others made it quite clear to Schumer they don’t believe the Republicans would walk away from immigration reform as a whole, comma even with a same-sex provision in it.

Many in the LGBT community are now in fear of being scape-goated AGAIN and have little faith in Schumer to do the right thing considering his record of  being late to support same-sex marriage and to repealing DOMA — remains a real concern.

President Obama also seems comfortable in throwing LGBT community under the bus signaling that he is unlikely to veto immigration reform simply because it excludes LGBT Americans.  Also it is being reported that Obama has contacted Leahy and suggested tha he table the LGBT reform provisions “for now” and try to include it when the Bill hits the Senate floor which would be almost impossible since it holds little chance of getting 60 votes.

And where is Human Rights Campaign in all of this you may ask?


Sources tell me HRC has had little to no involvement with the push for LGBT immigration inclusion on Capital Hill  saying and I quote:  “they are just hanging out waiting for the Supreme Court decision.” 

What do you think?

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