Comedian Margaret Cho Talks About Outing Celebrities


Sly Merritt has a BA in psychology/sociology. MA in clinical psychology. He's a flip flop wearing hippy with a peaceloving mindset. Even pacifists like him know when it's time to do all we can for LGBTQ equality. Sly's views are all opinions not advice.

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  1. in reaction:

    I agree with her that when homosexual public figures would come out, stand up and declare that they are homosexual, it would help non-public people to feel stronger,and be able to be themselves too!

    What I do not agree with is that these homosexual public figures are outed without their consent to be pouted when and if it does not concern homosexual public figures that are involved in for instance lawmaking, judges, politicians etc.
    As far as artists etc. are concerned I feel that they deserve the privacy! We do not go around and expose heterosexual artists do we?When and were it concerns people who are as said in positions were they create laws and regulations (judges, lawmakers, politicians etc.) I think forced outing is as far as I am concerned OK… simply because they are responsible for values and norms, and when they lie about themselves how can they be truthful on and about what others should do and be?

    Just my opinion!

    • scott miller says:

      Why does anyone think it’s ok to “out” another person. She has every right to talk about her own life, her own experiences, her mother (ad nauseum) but not another persons sexuality. If John Travolta would announce to the world that he’s gay, bi-sexual or whatever else, I would stand up and applaud him. As far as Cho goes, it’s not her job to out ANYONE. Not hers or any one else. Whether or not Travolta is gay is not STOP-THE-PRESSES news. Its his business. She accomplished her goal and got press. Used to be a fan. Now? Not so sure. Shame on Margaret.

      • OK, but you do agree with the statement that when it concerns public figures from Congress and so on, political individuals, and legal figures like judges, that they can be outed… especially when they decide on matters that involve homosexuality.
        I refer to members of the GOP that were found out to be having homosexual relations and meanwhile voting against equal rights………. Such people should be outed and be loosing all credibility, don’t you agree?

        • scott miller says:

          Not necessary. They out themselves. Still. Not her job. Or the job of anyone else.

          • Well, there we disagree then.
            I think that it is good to expose (or out) hypocrites, bigots and other creatures that bring suffering, pain and distress to other people, if not bring people to suicide because they are depicted as unnatural beings by those who secretly do what they forbid others!
            And yes, I think it is OK to out those who fight equality and by doing so bring scum to the point of killing and torturing people for what they are!

            And I would go even further…. I think it is people’s duty to expose those who publicly fight equality and secretly fool around and do not follow their own moral and ethics!

          • scott miller says:

            So with ALL that said. Do you still think it’s Margaret Cho’s responsibility to “out” John Travolta? The last time I looked he wasn’t “bringing suffering, pain and distress” to anyone by announcing his sexuality one way or the other. What harm is he doing by not acknowledging what most believe is true. As with any of us who struggled with our homosexuality I’m sure he’s doing the same. Don’t you think he has his own demons to deal with? I know I, and many others, did. It took me a bottle of Johnny Black and a Quaalude to tell my mother. I was 17. She knew since I was 3. If someone wants or NEEDS to come out, it should be in their time. In this case, not Margaret Cho’s. Irrespective of what she MAY believe, she’s not the mouthpiece for the gay community. Just a desperate comedienne looking for free press. By the way. Did you know she’s gay sometimes? Other times she’s straight. She’s even admitted to being bi-sexual. Why is she outing others when she can’t figure herself out. Get my point? Who cares. It’s not my business. Nor is it hers.

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