Chris Kluwe Vows To Be An LGBT Ally, NFL Athlete Or Not!


Chris Kluwe has been one of the strongest advocates for LGBT equality over the past year. Unabashed and not afraid of what his support could do to his fanbase as well as his relationship with his teammates Kluwe refused to be silenced while using his platform as a NFL player to get the word out about the inequities in this country. And after his team he had been a part of for more than a decade decided to let him go, he is still vowing to stand up for equality. Here’s more:

On the eve of Minnesota possibly becoming the 12th state to offer marriage equality, former Minnesota Vikings punter and outspoken marriage equality supporter Chris Kluwe discussed being cut from the team and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s suggestion that Kluwe’s advocacy on gay rights played a factor in his being let go. Dayton, responding to the news of Kluwe’s release, said on Wednesday that he doesn’t “doesn’t feel good” about the team’s decision and that “public officials should be honest about what’s going on.”

“That was cool to hear from the governor, because generally governors don’t speak out about football players very often,” Kluwe said with a chuckle, appearing on mySiriusXM radio program. “It’s just one of those things where, right now, I’m just hoping to latch on with another team, and hopefully continue my football career. I feel that I have at least four, possibly five years left of playing at a very high level.”(Listen to the full interview below)

“I honestly don’t know because I’m not in those meetings,” Kluwe continued, discussing the possibility that his speaking out cost him. “I don’t know what’s said between managers, between coaches. All I can do is go out and punt to the bet of my ability and trust in the body of work that I’ve put together over the years, which has been pretty consistent.”

But using his platform to advocate for marriage equality, Kluwe said, was worth any ramifications.

“To me it’s something that, if I’m going to remembered for something, I’d rather be remembered for something that helps people’s lives, that keeps children from wanting to kill themselves as opposed to playing football,” he said. “As much as I love playing football, and I really do enjoy playing football, there are serious societal issues that plague our civilization. And there are things that we need to address. And if no one ever speaks out, nothing ever gets changed.”

 What does this say about character? A lot. Even more so about principle and respect. It’s sad that even though his team isn’t saying it, but the reason why he was fired was due to him speaking out for us. It saddens me even more when I think of people the league has welcomed back after spending time in prison for animal cruelty. Or abuse, drugs, assault  drunk driving, etc.,. All those offenses are easily forgivable but a man speaking out about the injustices of this country is pushed aside, Speaks a lot about where the people that control this league’s priorities are at. Whatever Kluwe decides to do now I’m sure he knows he has our unwavering support for doing the same for us and we will always appreciate that.

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