Canadian Real Estate Agent Apologizes for Homophobic Flyer

Andrew CiastekA RE/MAX Reality One agent, Andrew Ciastek, will be issuing an apology this week after distributing a flyer to the  Lorne Park and Port Credit earlier this week.

Some residents complained to RE/MAX and the Ontario Human Rights Commission that an article that was included in Ciastek’s real estate brochure was homophobic.

The piece in question is a study conducted by a sociology professor from Texas University that says unemployment is three times higher among offspring of homosexual couples than those of heterosexual couples. The brochure cites the report as having been originally published in Social Research Science.
Lorne Park resident Jon McDonald, a retired elementary school teacher, was outraged by the material and sees no reason for such information to be printed in a real estate brochure.

“It just makes no sense whatsoever,” McDonald told The News. “On the inside is information on how to maintain your air conditioner, how to save money, what you should know about air conditioners, all things you need to know if you’re looking to purchase a home. The back (of the brochure) just seems so incongruous and offensive.”

Ciastek will be issuing an apology this week as well as making a donation to an unnamed local charity.

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