’s Ben Shapiro: Not Enough Gays Are Killed To Complain About It

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“Approximately 1,300 hate crimes based on ‘sexual orientation bias’ were reported by the FBI in 2011. There are approximately 9 million gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the United States, according to a UCLA study. That would mean that about  one of every 7,100 LGBT people in the United States became a hate crime  victim in 2011. That same year, there were some 935 Jewish victims of  hate crimes according to the FBI. There are approximately 5.5 million  Jews in the United States. That means that one out of every 5,900 Jews  became a hate crime victim in 2011. Yet no one suggests that America  remains a massively anti-Semitic country, requiring massive media  coverage every time a Jewish person reaches a position of power or  influence.

“Jason Collins has every right to announce his sexual orientation. If  announcing it makes him a happier person, more power to him. But the  media’s overwrought coverage of Collins demonstrates their deeply  dangerous view that America is a disgusting place filled with budding  Aaron McKinneys and Russell Hendersons looking for their Matthew  Shepards to murder. The media’s treatment of Collins as a full-fledged  hero assumes that America is filled with full-fledged villains. It is  not — and the media coverage of Collins shows that. The media coverage  also does young gays and lesbians a massive disservice. There is no  surer way to keep young gays and lesbians living in fear than tacitly  telling them that those who surround them despise them.” – Breitbart’s 12-year-old editor Ben Shapiro, in a column published on Townhall.

So Benjy. HOW many of us HAVE to be killed to make it an issue to complain about?

What a snivelling, whiney, douchebag idiot Ben Shapiro is.

As much as I loathed Andrew Breitbart Shapiro has sunk to a level that “Dick Pic Andy” could never reach amd wouldn’t try to.

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  1. The question is legit to ask how many homosexual people need to be killed by bigots, religious zealots and the sort of people that are to be equaled to the nazi-scumbags who killed hundreds of thousands, millions of people with the jewish faith!

    And anyway, a person with the jewish faith chooses to be a jew, as does a person with the christian faith, or the muslim faith….. being heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual is NOT a choice!

    A jew can switch (or choose) from his or her faith to the christian faith, a muslim can switch (or choose) from his or her faith to the christian faith, or become a jew…… regardless of what specific faith-bound rules say about being yes or no a member of that faith.

    A homosexual IS a homosexual, by nature, by definition, not by choosing it! The attraction to a member of the same gender is not one that is dismissed of, as it is a fact that when one meets a person of the same gender and one feels the butterflies in one’s belly while being with or around that person, or even thinking about that person, isn’t something that one can dismiss, one fails to sleep, one fails to be able to eat, one has difficulty at work to focus on the work……… It is NOT a choice! It IS a fact!

    Being part of a faith is done with the brains, after contemplation, after talking with peers or individuals from that faith…………. were being gay is a matter of the heart, and one feels it, one doesn’t think about it, one feels the pain if one is not with or around the one who’s loved……..

    Having people killed because of his or her sexual orientation is sick, defining criteria to define a hate-crime or not is even more sicker!

    Every person killed because of his or her sexual orientation is one too many, saying that because there are more this or that and then it is a statistically correct or incorrect fact of being it a hate-crime is the sickest!

    Defending the killing, defending the exclusion, defending the discrimination of individuals based on their sexual orientation is…… yes indeed, sicker then sicker, lower then lower, fouler the foul, in-humaner then inhumane, and defending the killing, the exclusion and the discrimination is equal to supporting and promoting it!

    My opinion!

  2. This is so twisted. This is like saying that if you say sexism exists then you are turning all women into victims and disrespecting them.

    Welcome to a world where recognizing the truth that some people hurt others is harmful to those who are hurt because we acknowledge that they have suffered and this victimizes them. This is a world where Shapiro calls liberals “bullies” when they point out the biases and prejudices of right-wing politicians.

    Where is George Orwell when you need him?

  3. The headline is misleading. I don’t think that is the message he is pushing. I totally agree with Ben and I feel much happier and powerful now that I’m no longer victimizing myself for being gay. Took me over 5 years of depression to realize that.

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