Blue Power Ranger David Yost Refuses Reunion Because Of Years Of Anti-Gay Abuse By Producers

Blue Power Ranger

The original Blue Power Ranger David Yost has refused to appear in a reunion show episode of the 90’s children and stoners hit the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers this year titled “Power Rangers Megaforce,” because of years of anti-gay harassment and abuse by the producers of the show.

I walked off set one day during the middle of lunch …. I just had made a decision,” Yost told the fan site No Pink Spandex in 2010 of his exit from the series. “The reason I walked off was is because I was called f***** one too many times … from creators, producers, writers, directors … I know that my co-stars were called in a couple of times to different producers’ offices and questioned about my sexuality, which is kind of humiliating experience to hear that … I was worried that I might take my own life … I needed to leave when I left.”

Calls to Saban Entertainment — which produced Power Rangers — have not been  returned.

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