Rep Matt Salmon’s Gay Son Accepts His Father’s Opinion On Marriage Equality


Several weeks ago, a lot of media attention surrounding Republican Rob Portman who now supports same sex marriage because he has a gay son. Even more attention was drawn to Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon because of his inability to support same sex marriage even with him having an openly gay son. Now his son, Matt R. Salmon is speaking on behalf of his father and is respecting that he does not share the same views. Here’s more:

Matt R. Salmon, 24, tells AZ Central that his father “doesn’t support gay marriage, but that doesn’t make him anti-gay at all…my father and I have a great relationship, he’s one of my close friends.”

Salmon, who is a third-year medical student, reveals that he attended reparative therapy while an undergrad at Arizona State University. His decision to end reparative therapy created a rift in his relationship with his conservative father: “We still had a loving relationship, but it was difficult for him to accept and so it was a rough patch.”

He also says that he and his father “have the best relationship we’ve ever had,” though he confesses he wishes he had the same support that Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who now supports same-sex marriage, is providing for his gay son. Still, he notes, “It took me 20 years before I was OK with myself…I can’t expect anybody else to do it overnight or change their minds in any sooner amount of time.”

There has to be a lot of emotions surrounding situations like this. On the one hand, some would suggest that Matt should not be at all concerned with what his father thinks as instead of accepting him the way that God created him, he tried to change that. But cutting off a parent that way is easier said than done.

And on the other, maybe all of what Salmon needs is more time. He supposedly has reached a point to where he and his son are able to communicate openly and honestly about who they are and what they believe. Maybe as he gets to know his son the more opportunities to see the error in his ways.

In any case, as a politician, Salmon should have the wisdom to see that same sex marriage is not a religious issue but a government/legal issue. So his definition or any other created by religion has no business in this debate. Regardless of the good relationship they both say they have now this has to still be hurtful that his father does nor believe he should have every right like all other citizens of this country. But again, maybe he just needs more time to evolve as Portman and the rest of the country. Let’s all hope it doesn’t take too long.

What do you think?

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