Rapper T-Pain Has A Message For Homophobes

As I’ve stated before, since last year when President Obama declared his evolution of his beliefs that same sex couples should have the right to marry, we’ve seen many from the African American community speak up for marriage equality and against homophobia. As more musicians, politicians and celebrities spoke up it helped diminish the myth that African Americans are inherently more homophobic.

Recently rapper T-Pain also wanted to address anyone that still has problems with gays by going on twitter and delivering a very unique rant after there were multiple rumors and jabs directed at the sexuality of his assistant. Here’s more:

pain 2


Earlier this month Snoop Lion (the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg) said he doesn’t think homosexuality will ever be fully acceptable in rap music. Perhaps a heterosexual male hip-hop artist having a gay assistant may be a start.

In February, hip-hop icon, philanthropist and all-around mogul Russell Simmons said that rappers are less homophobic than before. With T-Pain’s agency and A$AP Rocky’s recent supportive statements, maybe rappers are gradually coming around.

 It’s great that more and more artists are speaking up rather than staying silent or worse joining in to prove their “manhood” when things like this happen. Hopefully more will standup when things like this happen.


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