Rapper Angel Haze Talks About Her Bisexuality

The On the rise rapper Angel Haze has been known more about her feud with Azealia Banks lately than her on the rise music career. But what many don’t know is that Haze has been an open bisexual rapper for the past two years and she has no problem with being open about that with detractors on social media like twitter. Here’s more:

In 2011, before signing to Universal Republic, beefing with Azealia Banks andgracing BET’s “Behind The Cypher,” Angel Haze chatted with Vibe Vixen. In the interview, the Detroit native openly discussed her bisexuality and her “androgynous” style.

Recently, several of Haze’s Twitter followers made comments about her sexuality, causing the “Werkin’ Girls” rapper to go on the defense. One fan asked Haze to please “go straight.”

During a time when sexuality is generating a huge and controversial discussion in hip hop, Haze’s unapologetic approach to her sexuality is nothing short of refreshing.

But Haze did not back down from the hecklers on twitter, She stood her ground and declared that yes she is a bisexual woman and that should be enough for the rest of us. She nor anyone else owes us an explanation as to who they are and how they choose to define their sexuality.

If anything today has yet again proven why stories like this matter. Too often in this community when we are giving the appraisal of people brave enough to celebrate their sexuality unashamed we only focus on gay men. We need to show as much love, support to the other members of this community as well.

What do you think?

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