NOM Launches International Org Against Gays – Voulez Vous Hate Homos?

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Jeremy Hooper of As Good As You has exposed The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM)  launch of an international organization to promote anti-gay hate.

Writes Hooper:

We know NOM has moved forward with all of the other plans in those strategy documents (including the “drive a wedge” one); this is just a continuation of the international plan, with France being the first chess move in a larger, planetary onslaught on behalf of inequality. Because it’s NOM’s Earth, apparently—we just get discriminated within it.

This should come as a surprise to no one.  With support and money dwindling for NOM and Brian Brown’s million dollar paycheck, Brown took a  recent trip to Paris, where he enthusiastically reported on the French anti-gay marriage demonstrations.

Hooper goes on to note that internal NOM documents released last year confirm that NOM has been planning the creation of International Organization for Marriage since at least 2008-09.

And while French ‘traditional marriage’ opponents are amping up the violent rhetoric, promising blood will be spilled over equality and gay bashing is on the rise.  Brian Brownshirt and NOM remain silent on the violence.

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4 thoughts on “NOM Launches International Org Against Gays – Voulez Vous Hate Homos?

  1. Well, IF nom is factually starting an international (and especially European) branch of itself, it will see that it will have a hard time existing…….
    The European laws against hate, and spreading hate, are much tougher then in the USA……. Were in the USA a lot of hate-speech is allowed under the Freedom of Speech articles of the American Constitution, in and around |Europe a lot of countries have in their Constitution articles that prevent hate-speech, even when claiming it is freedom of speech!

    May sound like limiting the freedom of speech, but on the other hand, the right to protection against hate (and the effects of hate like for instance gay-bashing, brutality against homosexuals) is prevailing over freedom of speech!

    NOM will have a hard time being acknowledged in Europe!

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