Louis C.K. Implies That Gay Men Are Pedophiles In His Latest HBO Special

Louis CK

Louis C.K.‘s new comedy special, Oh My God, premiered on HBO Saturday night with one joke totally backfiring as C.K using a stereo typical gay effete voice implied that pedophiles are gay .

C.K.’s “humor” turned to the offensive when describing his New York City apartment building, C.K. reflected on the fountain in the courtyard that features “marble boys pissing”:

What is it with fountains? Like, all fountain-sculptors are pedophiles, basically. You can’t get a fountain-made without — ‘Can you make me a fountain?’ [Response in stereotypical gay male’s, sexually aroused voice:] ‘Yes, I’ll get started right away! Aaaaggh… AAGGGH, yes!!! YES!!! It’s fi-nished!’ And [the commissioned fountain] is just little boys pissing on the face of a Greek god that looks like him a lot? [again in stereotypical gay male’s, sexually aroused voice, while mimicking standing under the fountain’s boy]: ‘Ahhh, piss on me forever!!!’

To make matters worse C.K. used the  stereotypical gay male’s voice to the joke preceding this one in which he spilled some water on his shirt while taking a quick swig, mincingly saying: “Oh sh*t. G*d damn it! Idiot. This isn’t a gay voice by the way. It’s NOT! Shut UP!” But it was.

Look. Some things aren’t funny and just plain wrong and the fact that fact that C.K. himself has advocated for gay marriage, and spoken of the need to address homophobia, makes his remarks all the more disturbing.

But to C.K. obviously addressing homophobia stops when making crass unfunny jokes on the stage.  In 2011 when comedian Tracy Morgan joked that he would stab his son if he were gay, Louis C.K. was the first to  came to Morgan’s defense

These types of jokes are unacceptable and used to to get a laugh from uneducated idiots by lazy comedians.  Just as racial jokes are.   If C.K thinks they are okay perhaps he should go get a real job and  go tell those jokes at work, and then we’ll see  how long he’ll last.

GLAAD. Hellooooooo?  Where is the outrage over this?  Or is HBO a donor?

You can watch the video clip of C.K.’s HBO Saturday and the gay pedophilia joke over at Mediate.com


3 thoughts on “Louis C.K. Implies That Gay Men Are Pedophiles In His Latest HBO Special

  1. I wrote the Mediaite article about Louis C.K.’s offensive remarks yesterday. This morning, I was subjected to a barrage of Tweets from his friend, fellow ‘comedian’ Jim Norton, attacking me for it. You can check my Twitter handle (@missADelgado). His followers — dozens and dozens — inundated me with Tweets defending C.K. I was told I should commit suicide, that it would be funny if I was raped, and called a “c*nt” dozens of times.

    This is what happens when someone stands up for gay rights and criticized a ‘comedian’s’ “jokes.” Tragic.

  2. That bit doesn’t really imply that gay men are pedophiles. It implies that a homosexual pedophile is a gay pedophile. A pretty uncontroversial proposition, I would have thought. Unless you can think of a single marble statue of girls pissing, in which case, I’m still right, but, you know, this article would be a little less silly.

    Also, the picture at the top of the aticle is more than a little misleading, taken so completely out of context as it is, in such a way as to actually be a genuinely dishonest thing to do.

    I would encourage anyone reading this to look up the poker scene from Louis CK’s tv series called “Louie”, you might be surprised.

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