LGBT Artist Creates The Pansy Project To Commemorate Victims Of Violence

It is always a process when dealing with the bullying and abuse when someone is attacked (both physically and mentally) because of their sexuality. And one artist has found a therapeutic way to overcome adversity in a profoundly moving way, by placing something beautiful in the places where violent acts have taken place. Here’s more:

Paul Harfleet began The Pansy Project to mark his encounters with homophobia in Manchester, UK. The artist, 39, plants pansies to memorialize the location of anti-gay abuse, usually without permission from whatever city he’s in, and then photographs the flower and places it on The Pansy Project website.

Though the project grew out Harfleet’s own personal experiences, he now plants pansies for others, including those who have been murdered during anti-gay incidents, and aside from Manchester, he’s gardened in locations around the world including Turkey, Berlin, Austria and New York, among others.

“What was originally an autobiographical work has become a project that has been embraced by the gay community, who seemed to see the project as way to deal with a shared experience as many members of the LGBT community have experienced bullying or abuse at some point,” Harfleet explains.

The sentiment in doing this is so eloquent and peaceful and makes a statement that even in our darkest times something beautiful can come from it. Ir appears that this gesture is healing to Harfleet and serves as an inspiration to us all to never give up.

2 thoughts on “LGBT Artist Creates The Pansy Project To Commemorate Victims Of Violence

  1. In reaction….
    I think that in every city, village or other neighborhood were violence against a LGBT has occurred a commemoration monument should be erected, by authorities or a local artist, sculpturer.

    As there is the Gay Monument in Amsterdam, in commemoration of the thousands of homosexual people murdered during WW2, every city should have a monument that commemorates the victims of violence against LGBT individuals, simply to remind people of the absurdity of what some people feel is wrong and their actions!

    We condemn what has happened in and during WW2, we solemnly vow that such things as what happened during WW2 will never happen again, should never happen again, but at the same time it seems acceptable that anyone who is homosexual even in 2013 can be harassed, tortured, killed, abused!

    It is unacceptable that in 2013 some people and some organizations for whatever reason condemn people who love each other, and are for that fact killed, hanged!
    What would happen when in 2013 a group of people would stand up and would fight voting-rights for women? Or when people would stand up and would defend slavery?
    I know, still in 2013 there are people (ahem…….) who fight women rights, and yes there are people who defend slavery, but who takes those serious? Who thinks that those people (ahem…) have brains?
    Anyone with brains considers these sort of people (ahem…) as relics of the ancient past, and smiles when they open their mouths, smiling in feeling sorry for their backwardness and utter stupidity.

    Why does that not happen when it concerns LGBT people?

    Lets create all over the world big, small monuments for LGBT people who have suffered from harassment, murder, torture, discrimination…. simply because they were part of the LGBT community!

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