The Indigo Girls Protest The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival On Behalf Of Transgender Equality

Indie Rock sensation the Indigo Girls are taking a stand for transgendered equality. Fed up with the way the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival were completely inconsiderate dismissal and complete disregard towards the transgendered community the singers turned activists are peacefully protesting. Even though they have agreed to still perform in the festival they wrote a very passionate account of this ordeal. Here’s an excerpt:

We understand that there are many folks who feel passionately about these issues, but we encourage people on both sides to act peacefully when they express themselves. There is nothing to be gained from hateful rhetoric or aggressive actions. All over the world queer, and specifically Trans folks are beaten and killed for being who they are. The community of MWMF has a responsibility to fight this hate and be a beacon of love and light for all womyn suffering under hate and oppression, and this includes our Trans Sisters. If you are against Trans Inclusion at MWMF, that is your prerogative, but that does not mean you have to be aggressive towards the Trans community. This kind of hate and aggression will rip our community apart and we all know who benefits from “divide and conquer” and it’s not womyn or queers.

Although we are playing the festival, we honor the current protest against MWMF and hope that it will help move the community towards change. Any money that we make playing the Festival will go towards Trans Activism. We will make a statement from stage at the Festival in support of Trans Inclusion. We have made it clear that this will be our last time at the Festival until MWMF shows visible and concrete signs of changing their intention. We have no animosity towards anyone in this case but see the deep and fearless legacy that MWMF has had during its existence and we honor that. We also honor the prayerfulness that has been a part of this struggle on both sides. This is not an easy path, so we empathize with all who struggle to make their decisions. We love Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and hope for it’s continued presence and power in our lives.


Amy and Emily
Indigo Girls

Other artists are speaking out against MWMF and their insensitivity. Andrea Gibson, who was also slated to perform at this years festival cancelled. No official word yet from the committee members running the MWMF.

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