Geeky Gay Gamer Game: Adult Swin’s Robot Unicorn Attack


I bring you one of the most random, yet addictive, game I’ve come across. I’ve bookmarked this site and have come back to this game on numerous occasion, so I thought I’d share it with you all!

Rainbows-cum-gruesome-cum-reaction speed combo – Robot Unicorn Attack is a gay twist on a simple jumping game. You are given three lives to see how long you can survive whilst jumping from ledge to ledge and/or smashing through the star-obstacles. When you do die sooner or later, you’re treated to your beautiful rainbow-unicorn’s bloody death.

The real challenge though is to see how long you can survive before you turn the wonderful/horrendous theme music to mute.


*Tip: you can do a double jump.

**Tip: achieve much higher scores by smashing through as many stars as possible.


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1 Response

  1. Jose Juarez says:

    Love this game. And the music is great also lol.

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