Refuses To Take Action Against Seller Who Refused To Make Lesbian Couples Wedding Book

It’s the same old story that has happened too many times where a loving devoted couple are making wedding plans that are interrupted because of someone with “religious convictions” preventing them to provide a service they’re paid to do. After proposing to her fiance, Lindsay Tadych, at Disney World Jami Howard wanted to make a custom made Disney themed wedding book for the guests at their upcoming wedding. Howard reported that correspondence between her and the business owner she was commissioning to design the wedding book changed once she found out she was a lesbian. Here’s the response the owner gave the couple:

After talking with my pastor and praying about the situation, I decided that I shouldn’t design your guestbook for you.

Please know that I did take this into much thought though. Because I am a Christian and I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, I feel that designing a customized guestbook for you two will be against my belief and will mean that who I am and my business supports gay marriages.

Howard later attempted to contact the higher ups in the Etsy company only to receive a vague non-answer to her inquiry of this discrimination incident that we’ve heard too many times before:

As you can imagine, legal issues, such as matters concerning discrimination, are often very complex. We respect each community member’s right to their personal opinions and beliefs, and with 25 million members around the world, expect that some members may disagree with each other. The opinions and beliefs of members may not reflect those of Etsy, Inc. or Etsy employees. If a member thinks that discrimination has occurred and constitutes a legal infraction in their location, they may choose to address the issue directly with the other party, or contact an attorney for legal assistance.

Now the question is was this authorized, even sanctioned by the owners of this company since they do have the right to refuse service to anyone so long as its done through the proper channels? If that is the case then this company is practicing the same amount of tolerance that Chick Fil A so righteously claims. There’s no definite answer to that but why not take this opportunity to address whether or not this was a religious beliefs of one person working for the company or if this is a company motto?

2 thoughts on “ Refuses To Take Action Against Seller Who Refused To Make Lesbian Couples Wedding Book

  1. Well, as she doesn’t want to design the guestbook for the couple, she should be refused to sell anything!

    Who does sells her the books she turns into guestbooks?
    Who does sell her the materials that enables her to have a shop anyway?
    What if we all find out who sells her the stuff that makes her run her business, and then inform those of here religious terrorism, and ask them to stop delivering to her what they delivered to her in the past?

    It would make her go out of business as she deserves, and it would make clear were the companies delivering goods to her stand too!

    Let this religious creature be happy with her pastor, let her be happy with her sick companions and fellow religious terrorists!

    My opinion!

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