Refuses To Take Action Against Seller Who Refused To Make Lesbian Couples Wedding Book


Sly Merritt has a BA in psychology/sociology. MA in clinical psychology. He's a flip flop wearing hippy with a peaceloving mindset. Even pacifists like him know when it's time to do all we can for LGBTQ equality. Sly's views are all opinions not advice.

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2 Responses

  1. Well, as she doesn’t want to design the guestbook for the couple, she should be refused to sell anything!

    Who does sells her the books she turns into guestbooks?
    Who does sell her the materials that enables her to have a shop anyway?
    What if we all find out who sells her the stuff that makes her run her business, and then inform those of here religious terrorism, and ask them to stop delivering to her what they delivered to her in the past?

    It would make her go out of business as she deserves, and it would make clear were the companies delivering goods to her stand too!

    Let this religious creature be happy with her pastor, let her be happy with her sick companions and fellow religious terrorists!

    My opinion!

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