Comedian And All Around Cool Guy Joel McHale Addresses Gay Rumors

Actor, TV host and resident comedian Joel McHale has always welcomed jabs at other celebrities. And when presented with the numerous jabs about his sexuality, McHale not only takes it with gumption, but actually feels like it’s a compliment. Here’s more”

Comedian Joel McHale is not bothered by rumors that he is gay. In fact, he takes it as a compliment.

The “Community” star sat down with the Advocate to talk about the fourth season of his NBC show. He previously told the magazine that people think he is gay because he is so well-dressed (you will usually see him in suits and button downs), but he doesn’t take the assumptions as criticisms.

“Oh, I still see that on Twitter every day,” McHale said regarding the gay rumors. “It’s flattering. I always find it really weird when guys flip out over someone thinking they might be gay. If a guy gets offended by that, there’s something’s wrong with him. I take it as a compliment.”

Now how standup is this standup comedian, eh? No. Okay, I’m not the greatest with delivering a comedic jab but in all seriousness I applaud the way that McHale addressed these rumors about being gay. If only others in Hollywood could be so gracious and loving to the LGBT community the world would be a much better place. And look at that body. Thanks Joel for the support!

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  1. I love Joel McHale. He’s an extremely funny/smart guy – I’m so glad I can place him in the category of famous, attractive men in the entertainment field who are secure enough in their sexuality to not feel they need to make snarky homophobic comments in response to gay rumors.

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