Columbus, OH Lesbian Teacher Fired After Partner’s Name Appears in Mother’s Obituary

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Bishop Watterson High School a Catholic High in Clintonville, Ohio, (a suburb of Columbus) has fired Carla Hale, a physical education teacher who was outed after an anonymous parent informed them that her partner’s name which had appeared in her mother’s obituary.

Hale, a physical-education teacher who taught at Watterson for 19 years and never discussed her sexual orientation or her partner with students or fellow teachers.

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

According to a contract between the Columbus diocese and the Central Ohio Association of Catholic Educators, teachers can be terminated for “immorality” or “serious unethical conduct.” George Jones, a spokesman for the diocese, had no comment yesterday, saying personnel matters are confidential.

Students and other supporters recently caught wind of the firing, and on Monday, a petition was initiated on to seek Hale’s reinstatement and now has more than 10,000 signatures.

“It’s a disgusting display of hypocrisy by the education system that I was once so proud of,” said Peter Clark of Powell, a 2011 Watterson graduate,  who is now a religious-studies major at the College of Charleston in South Carolina adding that Hale was a compassionate, understanding teacher who was fired for something that “has nothing to do with education.”

1 thought on “Columbus, OH Lesbian Teacher Fired After Partner’s Name Appears in Mother’s Obituary

  1. With all due respect, I disagree with Peter Clark of Powell, not even partly but completely!
    It is not the education system that is failing here, it is the fact that the religion of the school is regarded more important then the skills of the teacher!
    There simply shows the arrogance, the hypocrisy, the bigotry, the backwardness the total and complete stupidity of the school!

    It is not the education system that allows religious schools to treat people, both teachers and students, as third class people when they are involved in and with same-sex topics, it is the social system that allows religious schools to treat people as third class people!

    The same social system that allows schools to intrude into people’s privacy on matters that have nothing to with their skills to teach and educate students and pupils!

    And besides, what does a religious school add to the education of students other then religious indoctrination, false science and lies about the origin of species?
    In fact, every teacher should refuse to work at religious institutions referring to themselves as schools, places were young people are prepared to live in a society were social abilities are needed to exist, simply because religious schools add nothing to a curriculum!
    All a religious school adds is bigotry, anti-social behavior and exclusion of people who are not aprt of the doctrine the religious school follows!

    Just my opinion!

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