Westboro Baptist Church To Picket NASCAR Over Drivers Pro Gay Comments: “NASCAR is Racing Fag Cars”

Brad Keselowski naked

Maggie Phelps, spokesthing spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church (Where’s Shirley?  Pregnant with another bastard child perhaps?)  and their endless, tiresome and just plain insanely evil “God Hates Fags” says that they are planning a protest at a NASCAR race. Tueday, Phelps Tweeted. “NASCAR is racing fag cars.”

The inbred Phelps Klan has given no reason why they have chosen NASCAR.  But it seems that it may have been an interview by the gay website Queers4Gears had with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski .  The current Sprint Cup Champion Keslowski said in the interview that there was room for an openly gay driver in the sport.  In a seperate tweet, Phelps linked to an SB   Nation/Outsports article that had picked up on the Keselowski interview, adding, “Next they’ll have a splashy fag wedding.”

NASCAR has said that they agree with what Keselowski statement about that it would be fine if there was an openly gay driver on the NASCAR circuit and will stand with their driver.


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