PA Gay Straight Alliance Vows To Fight School Board Who Denied Them Right To Meet – Will YOU Help?

Gat Straight Alliance

Even though the Federal Equal Access Act of 1984 requires schools districts to either allow Gay Straight Alliances s  to form, just like other extra-curricular student club, or suspend all non-curricular activities.  The Chambersburg Area School District in Franklin County, Pennsylvania has targeted students from Chambersburg Area Senior High School and voted 5-4 against the The “official” formation of a gay-straight alliance at a high school where LGBT students and straight allies have already been meeting informally for two years.

“The Chambersburg Area School Board sent a disturbing message to their school   community that essentially denies the existence of LGBT students,” remarked   Jason Landau Goodman, director of the Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition   (PSEC), a youth-run organization defending the rights of young LGBT  people.

The students have vowed to fight and will pursue legal action if the board doesn’t reconsider by   its next meeting on March 27.

PLEASE USE THIS PAGE to contact the members of the Chambersburg Area School Board and let them know that we stand with the GSA students and WILL NOT stand for their small mindedness and bigotry.

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