OMFG! – Liberty Counsel To Make GLEEK Movie Musical About Religious Liberty Starring Erik Estrada

Liberty Counsel Musical

Seriously, I kid you not.

Mat Staver and Matt Barber’s anti-gay Liberty Counsel which is  currently under investigation and dealing with a civil RICO lawsuit [PDF] for the role they played in helping ex-gay Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter from her ex-lesbian partner and leave the country is working on a feature film to be released next year called Uncommon, starring Erik Estrada.  Uncommon will help spread propaganda and educate teens, parents, and school officials on religious liberty in the public schools and their right to be total teen douchebag bigots.


From the Uncommon website:

The film will address the questions about religious liberty of students in public schools. Estrada, who is currently touring for his most recent, faith-based film, Finding Faith, stated his reason for getting involved: “For too long the confusion about prayer at graduation or a Christian-themed musical to be performed in a public school has left Christians uncertain and silent. It’s time we found our voice.”

Both a film and a musical, Uncommon will challenge teens to live dynamically by faith even during unjustified conflict. The film is about high school students who run into conflict with those who think public schools should be religion-free zones. The film will feature scenes with drama, music, and dance.

And get this.  Theres an OPEN AUDITION  on March 22-23, 2013 @ Liberty Christian Academy and  they are looking for “over the top talented teens and college-age boys and girls to sing and perform dance routines in the film. Huge personalities are a plus!” (They’re talking about uber-Christian kids right?)

Anyway it all seems legit and completely HYSTERICAL!

Starring Erik Estrada……. I’M DYING HERE!


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