Ohio Crazy Janet Porter Begs For Money To Make Propaganda Filled Anti-Gay “Documentary” – Video

Ohio based hate group Faith2Action’s Janet Porter (a Linda Harvey wannabee) is out with a low budget trailer and begging for right-wing welfare (money donations) to make her new anti-gay propaganda filled  “documentary” The Criminalization of Christianity that warns America that “time and freedom are running out” in the fight to stop the gay rights movement and “If homosexual activists achieve their goal of the criminalization of Christianity.” *GASP!*

D-List hater Porter formerly known as Janet Folger, is the founder and president of Faith2Action, a site dedicated to defending “pro-family” values but mostly known for as a group opposing the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007.

Porter has compared  homosexuality to “alcoholism” and “kleptomania” and firmly (and delusionally) believes that “Christians” are being victimized by the media and popular culture and that gay rights groups have persuaded Americans that Christians who condemn homosexuality are intolerant, while actually it is gay people and their supporters who are intolerant of Christians.

In her disgusting trailer below, Porter claims that gay rights advocates are “threatening marriage,” “threatening our children” and “threatening freedom” and makes references to the Jerry Sandusky being gay and his  abuse case (Sandusky was married and not gay), Chick-fil-A,  and a Michael Swift article from 1987 which Religious Right lunatics still over 25 years later apparently don’t realize was satire along with scary ominous music and a link on their website to “DONATE”

What is it about the midwest and its high rate of producing serial killers and anti-gay “christian” lunatics?

What do you think?

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