Marriage Equality Bill Now On The Minnesota Senate Floor For A Vote


Could Minnesota be the next step to allow same sex marriage? Well they may not be too far off but from the testimony of completely inaccurate bigots going on, it looks to be an uphill battle. But also keep in mind that during this past election voters struck down a bill that would ban same sex marriage so there is some hope. Here’s more:

The Minnesota state senate judiciary committee advanced a marriage equality bill to the full senate with a 5-3 party line vote on Tuesday.

The committee passed the bill after three hours of testimony, according to

The house civil law committee will finish hearing testimony on the legislation Tuesday evening. Those submitting testimony include an 11-year-old girl who opposes marriage equality, and pastor David Wheeler, who has a gay nephew.

According to Richard Carlborm, a campaign manager for Minnestoans United, there are less than 10 weeks for the legislature to pass a marriage equality bill. 

“Minnesotans want to see our shared values represented in our state law, and those values simply do not include excluding some people from having the freedom to marry and pursue happiness just because of who they are,” he said.

Governor Mark Dayton has said that he would sign a marriage equality bill if it reached his desk. 

Seriously, why is an 11 year old that has no in depth knowledge beyond what shes been around her entire life qualify to give her opinion on marriage equality? Does she have gay parents? Gay teachers? And how can anyone trust this opinion? Anyway good luck Minnesota and may you prevail on the side of equality.


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