GLAAD Marches Into Irrelevancy, Names Brett (Rehearsals Are For Fags) Ratner “Straight Ally Of the Year”

GLAAD GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is continuing its march into irrelevancy (double time) and has named Hollywood producer Brett Ratner as its “Straight Ally of the Year”

Of course this is the same Brett Ratner who in 2012 was fired resigned from producing the Academy Awards after telling an audience that “rehearsing is for fags.”, quickly apologized  and worked with GLAAD as penance on a “Coming Out for Equality PSA” series. (The clips feature celebrities like Jackie  Chan, Charlie Sheen, Giada De Laurentiis and Pauley Perrette speaking in  support of the LGBT community.)  Which of course will debut around the same time that Ratner gets his award at the $1000.00 a plate Media Awards in New York on March 16th.

Said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick:

 “From high-school jocks to faith leaders, those who follow Brett’s lead are  admired and heralded, while anti-LGBT bullies are increasingly ridiculed and  marginalized.”

In a year that has brought us many wonderful REAL straight allies such as Brendon Ayanbadejo and the ever vocal and well written Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Viking who has taken on anti-gay politicians and was a major force in helping to defeat a amendment to write man-woman marriage into the Minnesota constitution.  To choose Ratner over those who speak from their hearts with true passion for equality and the rights LGBT community is appalling.   For GLAAD to choose Ratner and parade him as such that his work was done with pure altruism instead of the fact that he was busted for using anti-gay words and then paid them off with his penance is further proof that GLAAD has become nothing more than a bad joke.

GLAAD’s Media Awards have never been about TRUE recognition.  Its been about fundraising.  The bigger the names, the more money they make.  They are a travesty and a joke.  Both the awards and the organization. (And don’t even start me on Anderson Cooper being given the Vito Russo Award.)

GLAAD should just change its name to  Gay Star Fuckers-R-Us and be done with it.



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