FRC’s Tony Perkins Gets Pissy Over Colorado Civil Unions

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

Tony Perkins of the nationally recognized hate group the Family Research Council is all pissy that civil unions passed in Colorado once again proving that it’s not about “gay marriage” and just plain old hate and bigotry.

Via Press Release:

“After an emotional–and at times heated–debate, the Colorado  legislature managed to do something that the past two statehouses could  not: legalize civil unions. With Democrats in control of the Colorado  House and Senate, they made counterfeiting marriage their top priority.  By a 39-26 vote, the House sent the bill to Governor John  Hickenlooper–a Democrat–who is celebrating the bill even before  signing it. ‘#CivilUnions passes! Today, every Coloradan has equal  rights,’ he tweeted. In a state that has had a marriage protection amendment since 2006, nothing is acceptable but complete capitulation.” – Tony Perkins aka Princess Tiny Meat.

Even though I’m not completely thrilled about the seperate and unequal civil union “crumbs” and would much more prefer same-sex marriage in Colorado.   I must admit that if they piss Tony off It takes a bit of the edge off.  For now.


What do you think?

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