Beyonce Speaks Out For Same-Sex Marriage: “We all should be able to put a ring on it”

Over the past week during the initial Supreme Court hearings regarding the Prop 8 and DOMA cases calling into the question of banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional, many celebrities voiced their support. We knew we have always had the support of some that spoke up like  music icon Madonna and NFL star from the Baltimore Ravens Brendon Ayanbadejo.

But with others that are given high social status we are not always so sure until recently, as is the case with Beyonce, who finally spoke up in support for same sex marriage. The multifaceted musician, actress, and business mogul took the opportunity to let her fans know that it is time for us as a society to ensure that we all have the right to love whomever we want:

This does come as a big relief to many of her fans that are LGBT and have wondered for so long why she chose to not vocally state what her opinion was on the issue. Coupled with the fact that her husband, Jay-Z has expressed numerous times his support of marriage equality, alongside President Obama last year, Beyonce’s silence did make some wonder if she did not share the same view.

Some believed it was out of fear of how some of her fanbase would react to her supporting same sex marriage. But that would be problematic as a sizable portion of her fans are gay men. Yet Beyonce has never been an artist to give too much credence to the opinion of others, no matter how respect and appreciation she may have for their support so it’s reasonable to believe that this latest gesture is genuine. .

But in typical, methodically honed timing, the triple threat decided to vocalize her opinion in her own way and own time. And that is why we love her. As it should be for anyone, they should be able to express how they feel in whatever way they see fit. Can’t help but respect that.

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