Arizona Congressman Won’t Support His Gay Son’s Right To Marry


You would think after Rob Portman’s announcement several weeks ago coming out in support of marriage equality since he has a son who is gay would show a trend with the religion-obsessed extremists of the republican party changing their views. Some felt it would give other politicians that are in the same situation more incentive to support LGBT rights. But as the case goes of Congressman Matt Salmon from Arizona, that belief may be a little premature to say the least.

Salmon stated in an interview this past week that even though he loves his son more than anything, he has not yet reached that evolution that Portman has obtained. Here’s more:

In a recent interview with 3TV, Salmon said that while he has a son who is gay, he’s not a supporter of same-sex marriage.

“I’m just not there in believing in my heart,” said Salmon, adding, “My son is one of the most important people in my life. I love him more than I can say.”

Rep. Salmon has maintained a reputation as a staunch social conservative throughout his political career.

Republican Senator Rob Portman recently announced that he had changed his opinion on same-sex marriage after learning that his son is gay.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t have respect, it doesn’t mean I don’t sympathize with some of the issues, it means I haven’t evolved to that station, Rob Portman apparently has,” said Salmon.

Salmon says he does sympathize some of the issues but doesn’t seem to make an effort as to clarify what those issues are that he supports. Would he be willing to support his son’s right to fair and equal job treatment in the workforce and work towards making bills such as ENDA (Employee Non Discrimination Act)? Would he support more federal laws that outlaw hate crimes in this country? I guess we would have to look at his voting record while in congress but from his stringent conservatism I doubt it.

That has to hurt hearing a parent either does not support who their child is or that they seem to be struggling so hard with reaching a level of acceptance of who they are and their right to live any way they choose. Much worse when those views of the parent are so public. Even though this is a family issue, his opinion doesn’t only affect his family. It affects

But it still doesn’t excuse Congressman Salmon’s position on the matter. Moreover it leads to even more an unfavorable opinion that he so vaguely discusses that he has not reached a level of understanding yet no clear justification of why he has this stance. It wouldn’t make the situation any easier for their relationship as father and son, or his constituents that happen to be LGBT.  Sounds like Salmon needs to learn more about LGBT rights and it’s history so he sees that having this view is oppressive to LGBT and to his family.


2 thoughts on “Arizona Congressman Won’t Support His Gay Son’s Right To Marry

  1. Typical of anything that comes out of Arizona or Texas. Very illiterate and backwards and warmongering promoters of hatred and division. Can we excommunicate them – or at least those that promote this mindset – off somewhere
    Say to the likes of Cheney/land Dubai?

  2. Dad,
    I will admit I was a little nervous telling you of our marriage. I will always remember your reaction. “I don’t judge people on that stuff and Congratulations!”
    He was at our wedding and was proud to support us. He still talks about what a great wedding it was.
    Thanks Dad! Your love of us is so complete you make this man look foolish and hard hearted.

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