Anti-Gay Police Brutality Reported At Sydney Gay Mardi Gras – Shocking Video

Gay Bashing Sydney Mardi Gras Police Officer

Disturbing news out of Sydney, Australia as police have been accused of using heavy tactics and police brutality during last weekend’s Sydney’s Gay Mardi  Gras, which are being PROVED by a video uploaded to YouTube and has sparked an angry outcry  for an a full formal police investigation and dismissal and criminal charges against the officers involved

The Australian gay news site Same Same reports on the story that one of that nights victim, shown in the video being savagely handled by police claims he was arrested for simply attempting to cross the road during the parade.

A witness at the scene with her two teenaged sisters says the violent actions of the officers involved left her younger siblings seriously traumatized. “They were crying while the police bashed the boy’s head into the cement,” she said. “It was horrible, disgusting behaviour.”

Another witness adds: “They picked him up by the throat and slammed him into the ground with his head hitting the ground that hard it sounded like a bowling ball hitting the ground,” she said. “This was while he was in handcuffs.”

Onlookers in the video can be heard protesting and alleging the man had been  handled violently before the video started rolling. “We just saw you whack his  head against the ground,” a woman can be heard to say. “His blood is on the  ground”.

Another police officer instructs the person behind the camera to “stop  filming, mate”. When asked why, the officer responds: “Cos I said”.

Watch the shocking video of the incident below.

WARNING:  Graphic and disturbing content.

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