MUST WATCH – Citizen Radio’s Jamie Kilstein On Religion, Same Sex Marriage and Gay Adoption – Video

To every heterosexual, mentally abusive, closet racist, fast-food-feeding, let-your-kid-run-around-the-mall-like-a-psycho parent: why do you have, like, nine fucking kids, yet you say gay folks can’t adopt because it might screw the kid up. And I know that America thinks everytime a gay couple adopts a child it forces otherwise straight and homophobic pastor Ted Haggart to hire a gay male prostitute and engage in a week long meth-induced fuck spree. I know. He didn’t want to do it, you guys, but then a gay couple adopted and forced him to take an injection of another male prostitute cock. I know, I get it. But I say just because your man-bits fit into some girl-bits doesn’t mean you should have kids. Do you know how many straight people shouldn’t have kids? Go to a movie theater or a IHOP on a Sunday. And don’t tell us two men or two women in the bedroom may cause a child to question his sexuality. Any kid basing his sex life on the sounds coming from his parents bedroom is already fucked beyond repair. If God designed marriage for a man and women, then God is failing. That is below failing, just look at straight and homophobic pastor Ted Haggart, who’s married with children but hired a gay male prostitute to shame-fist him into a meth coma. But you say being gay is being immoral? Really? More immoral than shame-fisting? Because I’d rather have my kids raised by the flaming queer couple down the street than have them spend another night at the church with Father Diddlyhands. Is that why you want adoption restricted, Church? You keeping all the young ones for yourself? If you really think that a child should only be raised by a married couple then I have an idea, let the gays marry assholes! These are people will raise a child for a better reason than the condom broke. You give me one valid argument beside “But God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Really? Because by the looks of it Adam and Eve fucked up big time and maybe Adam should have explored better options. So stop fucking telling us that the Bible says that being gay is unnatural, because I’ve read the Bible and there is a lot of unnatural shit that happens in that book. I would say that a dude dying and rising from the dead in a zombiesque fashion is far less natural than me sucking a cock. Because at least, cocksucking you can prove.”Jamie Kilstein, of Citizen Radio on “The Green Room with Paul Provenza”. @jamiekilstein on Twitter

” Adam and Eve fucked up big time and maybe Adam should have explored better options” 


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