NFL Player Darnell Dockett Goes APESHIT After Ex-Teammate Implies That He Is Gay

Darnell Dockett

NFL football player Darnell Dockett, who currently plays defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals is having a meltdown after Chris Rix, Darnell’s  former Florida State Seminoles teammate and current college football insider for Fox Sports, went on Jay Mohr’s radio show yesterday and implies that Dockett is gay.

Via Deadspin:

“There was always jokes about Darnell, and what his preference was in college, if I might. Because there was a few incidents of him hanging out with some dudes in the Union and some other stuff.” Mohr goes on to ask if other guys ever made fun of Dockett’s sexuality to his face, to which Rix replies, “Yes, they did. And he would get defensive at times, as most guys would. But let’s just say that there were a few stories of ‘Why is Darnell hanging out at this guy’s house or this guy’s dorm room?'”

To his credit Rix did try to apologize via Twitter:

@ddockett Apologize about radio show yesterday Dock! Convo was about you, KWebb & GJones..I let it go somewhere it shouldn’t have. My bad DD

— Chris Rix (@CoachRix) February 7, 2013

But Dockett was having none of it and went off on a violent twitter rampage because being hinted at that you are gay when you are a big macho football player who makes a living hanging around in a locker room with big beefy men, wearing skin-tight uniform pants and slapping others on the ass is the worst thing in the world.

I swear I my dead mother @coachrix when I see you that’s your ass! Period! Fuck bitch lying on me bobby Bowden didn’t like yo sorry ass!
 — DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) February 7, 2013

@coachrix fuck you bitch I heard u lying on me , no one liked your sorry ass ever, when I see u im whooping yo ass on everything I love.
 — DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) February 7, 2013

@coachrix and fuck yo apology pussy! Say everything u said on radio in my face!
 — DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) February 7, 2013

After they were reported Dockett removed the above violent postings from his Twitter page

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