Did Mars Candy Company Fire Someone For Being Gay?


If you know me, then you know that I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and mu favorite thing to snack on are Peanut M&M’s. The creamy milk chocolate matched with the nice aroma of legumes lingering on the pallet are a welcomed treat for me. That’s what makes this latest accusation by a former employee of Mars Chocolate North America really stomach churning if true.

Theresa Kwiecinski, who was a commercial manager for manufacturing at the company is suing Mars Chocolate for wrongful termination., Kwiecinski feels that the work atmosphere changed after she introduced her partner and their daughter at work conference in 2011. Afterward, she feels that the company assigned her an excessive workload that was impossible for her to successfully finish and lead to her dismissal. Attorney representing the plaintiff, William Koy Jr, had this to say:

The complaint speaks for itself. My client is very disturbed for how she was treated at Mars, and we look forward to her day in court.”

Several questions arise from all this. First, I wonder if the state the plaintiff resides in is one of the 29 states that can be fired because a person is gay. It’s why it’s so important that if there is any truth to the claims made here, that a person is protected under federal law. More reason than ever that we have to work harder to enact ENDA (Employee Non-Discrimination Act). As customary, there’s no word from the Mars Chocolate of America.

2 thoughts on “Did Mars Candy Company Fire Someone For Being Gay?

  1. Mars corporate offices are here in Chicago. Let us know details and updates and IF this is the case, we can organize a huge protest at their headquarters in a matter of hours. 😉

  2. This particular employee worked at the NJ plant. And yes, we are protected here. NJ hasn’t latched onto this one yet but a headquarter rally would be awesome.

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