Indiana GOP Halts Gay Marriage Ban Vote For Fear That SCOTUS Will Find It Unconstitutional

IN GOPIndiana’s Republican House and Senate leaders said Thursday they will wait a year before they take up an effort to write a gay marriage ban into the state’s constitution because of the two pending Supreme Court cases that may affect the future of any such  legislation.

GOP House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President Pro Tem David Long said their respective caucuses decided the issue should wait until the 2014 session. “It’s inadvisable to even have that discussion at the moment, despite the importance of the issue, until the Supreme Court has given a red light or a green light,”

Ironically Indiana state law already limits marriage to being between one man and one woman and the constitutional amendment is unnecessary.  But Bosma a well-known homophobe has called the measure “the most critical piece of the people’s business.” while the state of Indiana suffers  8.6 unemployment, a high poverty rate and businesses are leaving the state in mass exodus.

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