Illinois GOP on “Wrong Side of History” on LGBT Equality

Pat BradyIllinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady fully supported the marriage equality bill in the Illinois State Senate. He saw the bill pass the Senate with only 1 GOP vote.

According to Daily Herald, Chairman Pat Brady was quoted saying:

“I think there was a lot more support than could actually vote for it.”

Pat Brady stated that he understands how people have to vote for their districts, but he does believe that the GOP is on the wrong side of history in terms of marriage equality.

Brady doesn’t think Thursday’s vote means anything to his political future, as he’s already survived an attempt by state Sen. Jim Oberweis of Sugar Grove to oust him over the issue, as well as calls by prominent downstate Republican leaders that he step down.

Hopefully more Republicans can wise up and realize that Chairman Pat Brady is correct in thinking that the GOP is on the wrong side of history when they fight LGBT equality.

What do you think?

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