Let’s Hear About How James Franco Doesn’t Have A Gag Reflex


Known to be off the cuff and even what some called brazen, actor James Franco has never been one to be short on details about anything. Ever. And today is not different as he goes in depth about his innate talent to shove things down his throat without puking…I have no idea why that may interest some gay men. I’m kidding naturally. Here’s more from HuffPost

In “Spring Breakers,” Franco is shown deepthroating a pistol, an action he spoke to Details about. “Guess I’m a natural,” he said. “It was my first time.” After an interviewer reminds Franco of his role in “Broken Tower,” the actor responds, “Oh sh-t, you’re right! It wasn’t my first time.”

He also spoke to Details about his character in the film, Alien, saying, “Alien and that film are having their cake and eating it. Engaging with pop culture, but also going deeper. Alien is what happens if we get all our wishes: unrestrained consumerism, ego, id, sex …”

“Spring Breakers” has been the subject of endless buzz as of late. Franco’s deepthroating scene is just the beginning, as the film includes the threesomes and debauchery that Americans and MTV viewers have come to associate with the annual collegiate migration.

Despite his eccentricities and what some call questionable approach I appreciate an actor that does not feel inhibited by gay culture, gay characterization or gay anything. In fact he seems completely at ease with it. As it should be. Is it bad that I want to see him do this? No shame (okay maybe a little and that makes this whole thing that more tantalizing)


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