FRC’s Tony Perkins PROVES Its Not About “Re-Defining Marriage” But HATE – Cheers WY Domestic Partnerhip Defeat

Tony perkins

“Unlike other bills, this one would have extended special benefits to  just about any two people–including platonic relationships–stripping  marriage of all meaning or incentive. Once again, Rep. [Mark] Baker pointed out  the ridiculously high costs to taxpayers, especially as it pertains to  homosexuals. Though we’ve not researched his source, Baker insisted that  only 1% of homosexuals die of old age, a reference to the expensive  health conditions associated with same-sex behavior. He insisted that  would only burden the state’s budget more. The majority of lawmakers  agreed, stopping the bill by a 34-25 vote on the statehouse floor. Both  victories were a shot in the arm for the marriage movement, which could  use a few more fearless leaders like Wyoming’s!” – Hate group leader and White Supremicist Tony Perkins, crowing about Wyoming’s rejection of a domestic partnership bill.  Not “marriage”, but “domestic partnership”

This is 100 percent proof that Tony PerKKKins and others like him care nothing about marriage, or the redefinition of it from “one men, one woman” as they like to say.  Wyoming’s Bill had nothing to do with marriage but was about domestic partnerships and Perkins main argumets were “marriage benefits” for  incentive?  Like small business tax credits for opening a Pizzeria?  The argument is a burning straw man because any two opposite sex “pltonic friends can get married now as the law stands.  It makes a joke of him and his religious marriage crusaders argument and exposes it for what it really is.  Nothing but hateful bigotry.

And as for ” we’re not researched on the source, (ie. LIE) only 1% of homosexuals die of old age” bullshit.   Officially, no one dies of old age in the United States. That’s according to the NCHS, which is the government agency responsible for collecting statistical information on how we die.


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