Straight Cincinnati School Principal Suspended And To Be Fired Over His Support of Gay Marriage

Mike Moroski

Mike Moroski is a married man, a devout Catholic and has a 10 year flawless teaching record and has been vice principal at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati, OH for the past two years.

He is also being threatened and harassed by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati who has placed Moroski on administrative leave since Feb. 4 and plans to fire him over a blog post that Moroski made on his personal support of gay marriage.

Moroski’s January 27th blog posting titled “Choose Your Battles” reads in part:

“Furthermore – I unabashedly believe that gay people SHOULD be allowed to marry. Ethically, morally and legally I believe this. I spend a lot of my life trying to live as a Christian example of love for others, and my formation at Catholic grade school, high school, 3 Catholic Universities and employment at 2 Catholic high schools has informed my conscience to believe that gay marriage is NOT something of which to be afraid.

To me, it seems our time would be much better spent worrying about the economy, our city’s failing pensions, retaining our big business neighbors and finding creative, efficient, effective ways to fund our excellent Cincinnati Public Schools.

Not much time left over to worry about gay people marrying one another.

Someone on my Facebook wall asked if my definition of “love” knew no bounds. I said that it did. Love of hurting others is where I draw the line – whether sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally – I do not accept the love of hurt. Outside that, if the love you share with someone else makes you the best version of yourself possible and you go out there in the world and share that love with others – have at it and be well.”

After the Archdiocese of Cincinnati became aware of Moroski’s postings he was placed on administrative leave and given an ultimatum to take down my post and sign a number of documents assuring his silence to keep his  job – or, resign.

Moroski has refused and is standing his ground.

“I refused to agree to the Archdiocese’s terms BECAUSE OF my faith formation at Catholic schools and relationship with Catholic family members & clergy – not in spite of it.

I believe gay people should be allowed to marry because I believe in the Sermon on the Mount. I try to let the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7, guide my life.

I will not be quiet about what my informed conscience tells me is right and just.”

The Cincinnati Archdiocese which said  it could not comment on a personnel matter  but will probably terminate Moroski’s contracrt witin the week for breech of contract becuse of his refusing  to “comply with and act consistently in accordance with the stated philosophy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Purcell Marian Principal Paul Ramstetter has stressed that the Archdiocese, not school officials, that have made the decision.

In 2003 the Cincinnati Archdiocese was found  guilty of failing to report its crimes of child molestations by priests and  placed self-preservation ahead of their moral duty to minister to
the victims.

This is just another black spot upon the city of Cincinnati which along with its racism , its distaste and mistreatment of the poor and its intolerance for anything that does not fit its definition of a white conservative Christian mold not only proves why it is refered to as the ‘armpit of the midwest” but also shows why the city is dying a slow death.

Mark Twian once said “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always twenty years behind the times.”

So true Mark, so true.

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  1. Purcell Marian’s alumni pages says: “We want our graduates to be respectful of others, thirsting for knowledge, and equipped with tools and a foundation necessary for a life time of learning and service.”
    I ask: How can a Church argue that their religious rights give them a free pass to discriminate against those in their flock who voice a personal opinion at the workplace?

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