Ellen DeGeneres’ Discusses The Boy Scouts


On a recent taping of her hit daytime tv show, Ellen DeGeneres talked about the Boy Scouts of America and the controversy that continues to surrounds them. Over the past few weeks the Boy Scouts have contemplated allowing gay members but felt they needed to delay a decision until May. As it was likely a push to get the now infamous group to finally accept gay members what turned out as light banter ended on a rather serious note:

“If the Boy Scouts start treating gays equally, they’re going to become the first group to do it — after the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, all of the United Kingdom and Cher. They won’t let their members be gay, or openly gay, anyway, but they’re letting them wear neckerchiefs and green short shorts!”

“The more that we teach people how to accept people for who they are, the more self-confident they’ll be and the better leaders they’ll become,” 

And she’s right. We have to talk about how this archaic thinking is a complete contradiction that is this organizations motto. Otherwise it shows that treating people that are different is okay. History has shown what lack of judgment this so called “code of ethics” brings to society. It’s oppressive, not freedom.

What do you think?

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