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Scott Lively in Uganda

Anti-gay hate preacher Scott Lively standing trail for “Crimes Against Humanity” charges in Springfield, MA. for his role in inciting Uganda’s “Kill the Gay” law has stated that he has found new “proof” in a Weekly Standard article that President Obama is gay because he went on a weekend trip with his aide Reggie Love over the weekend…without the First Lady.

Here’s Lively’s “proof” from the Weekly Standard:

President Obama has returned to Washington, from his solo vacation. He finally talked with the press on the ride back.

Via the pool report:

AF1 wheels down Andrews at 7:45pm. POTUS came back to have a 10-minute off the record talk with pool at the end of the flight.

Reggie Love departed AF1 soon after POTUS, apparently a guest for the weekend.

Marine One wheels up 7:55 pm

Well with “proof” like that I guess that since Lively, who opened a “christian” coffee shop in Springfield Massachusetts. aimed at local teenagers.hired a  convicted child molester to manage it is also “proof” and therefore Scott Lively is also a child molester which if more likely to be true than President Obama being gay.


  1. Tom Janus says:

    Out of your tags, “lunatic” fits really good here, or, I just learned how to out someone with “real facts”. Lively sure is a piece of work.

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