Would You Buy An App That Predicts How Low Your Pendulum Swings?

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In an attempt to be lighthearted I wanted to bring this up. So often you hear in our technology enthused society that there is virtually an application for anything we want. So hear comes the news of the Predicktor app that claims it can accurately estimate the size and girth of a man’s penis. Here’s part of the description on the creator’s website:

The app shares scientific journal articles reporting on men’s health and sexuality. This includes the actual distribution of penis size, as found in peer review journals. It also touches on selected literature studying what women really think about men’s genitalia – not the locker room giggles but actual results from surveys. Men and women can also compare his personal penis length to published length norms throughout the world! Interested on how many men in Greenland have the same size penis? Compare his size to men around the world.

You have to admit that this is a lot of effort to put into finding this information out.. But my question is, so what if the app is somewhat accurate and you meet up with this guy. What if even though this app is correct he could still be really bad in bed so what next? A sex app that predicts how good someone is in bed? That would probably be more beneficial right? Or is that just me?

No judgement from me but don’t be surprised if this doesn’t live..up to the hype. See what I did there? Okay I’ll stop. But I bet this would be a fun party game for your more adventurous friends.

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